Access to the library is one of the advantages of membership with the GLLGI.  The following rules apply to all members borrowing from the library.

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  1. GLLGI Members may borrow material from the Library.
  2. There is a limit of three books or a reasonable amount of other material at a time.
  3. To borrow a set of slides or a video, a check for $40.00 must be deposited with the Librarian.  This money will be returned when the slide set or video is returned in good condition.
  4. Books and materials may be obtained and/or returned at GLLGI meetings, directly from the Librarian, by completing a Request Form and emailing to the librarian (see form for details) or through the mail.
  5. NOTE: To use the fillable .pdf form for requesting an item from the library, you MUST save the file to your hard drive. Make note of the email address on the form, then open an email to that address, attach the completed form, and send.

  6. The borrower is responsible for returning material in good condition.
  7. Items borrowed by mail may be kept six weeks.  When returning them please use sturdy boxes, padded  envelopes, etc.  Ask at your post office for special rates (book, printed material, library, etc.).   Some items are quite expensive.  You might want to insure them.
  8. Remember, books and other materials are protected by copyright law as indicated in each item.  See GLLGI Newsletters for copyright information.
Please make checks payable to:  Great Lakes Lace Group Inc.

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