Number Title Author Year Updated Pages Cont English
G-177 (1993 IOLI Convention Booklet) Circle City Lacers 1993   26 R Y
G-160 20th Anniversary Book GLLGI 1996   57 R,T N
G-207 450 Years of Lace [Exhibition Catalog, The Allhallows Museum 2002] J. Page; pub. 2002   100    
G-162 75 X Lace Wardle 2000   104 R,T Y
G-157 A Book of Edgings Coats & Clark, Pub. 1982   15 P N
G-208 A Checklist of Features for Handmade Laces-Draft Version August 1996 Kurella 1996   30 T,P Y
G-120 A Dictionary of Lace Earnshaw 1982   240 R Y
G-176 A History of Lace; Reprint of 3rd Edition (1875) Palliser 1971   454 P N
G-204 A Pocket Guide to Valuable Old Lace & Lacy Linens Kurella 1996   96 P N
G-186 American Needlework Harbeson 1938   274    
G-232 An Illustrated Guide to Lace Reigate 1986   262 R Y
G-211 Antique Lace: Identifying Types and Techniques Toomer 2001   248 R Y
G-200 Antique Laces Rodgers, editor 1983   48 P N
G-187 Anybody Can Mend Lace and Linens Kurella 2001   128 P N
G-155 Arabesque Blakey 1999   64 R Y
G-134 Aunt Ellen’s How-to-Book on Needlework Workbasket Magazine 1954   64 R y
G-137 Bees, Birds and Butterflies in Lace Sutton & Moseley 1991   130 R Y
G-144 Betsey Barbour Memorial Booklet and Lace   1901   9 R Y
G-227 Bobbin & Needle Laces: Identification & Care Earnshaw 1983   191 R Y
G-190 Book 18—Star Book of 100 Edgings Amer.Thread Co. Pub 1942   32 P N
G-191 Book 19—Star Book of the Home Amer.Thread Co.Pub 1942   32 P N
G-192 Book 22 Star Book of Doilies Amer.Thread Co. Pub     32 P Y
G-189 Book 7—Edgings Amer. Thread Co. Pub 1942   32 P N
G-180 Cameos from a Lace Cupboard Gigg-Wither 1936   47 R Y
G-103 Cattern Cakes and Laces Jones &Deer 1987   128 R Y
G-184 Checklist of Lace in the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection Univ. of Wisconsin Morrissey, comp. 1976   54    
G-115 Crochet and Tatting Craft Book No. 1, Edgings Medallions and Insertions Valeire     15 R Y
G-193 Cross Stitch Cargill 1994   128 P,T Y
G-154 Decorative Straw Craft Fitch 1998   96 R Y
G-241 Designing and Mounting Lace Fans Springett 1985   16 T Y
G-132 Embroidery of Many Nations Springsted 1979   32 P Y
G-168 Encyclopedia of Needlework de Dillmont 1971   804 R Y
G-125 Enjoy Making Teneriffe and Other Laces Kaiser 1981   143 P,T Y
G-179 Exhibition Check List 1/12/02-6/9/02, The Magic of Lace, Part 2 Chicago Art Institute 2002   21 R T
G-175 Exhibition of Belgian Lace Bruges Municipal Art Gallery 1947   60 P Y
G-142 Fan Design guide Keller 1993   5 R Y
G-159 Festival of Trees-Fantasy in Lace GLLGI     46 R Y
G-237 Flax and Linen Baines 1985   32 R Y
G-178 Friendship Garden 1996—(IOLI Convention Booklet) GLLGI 1996   23 PT Y
G-210 Graced by Lace-A Guide for Collectors of Antique Linen & Lace Bonito 2001   208 R Y
G-246 Guide to Collections Care Schrock, Bede, Passafiume, & Patkus 2007   60 TR Y
G-143 Guide to Lace and Linens Kurella 1998   223 R Y
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