Number Title Author Year Updated Pages Cont English
G-226 Textile Machines Benson 1983   32 R Y
G-196 Textiles Hollen, Saddler and Langford 1979   326 P Y
G-102 Textiles of Ancient Peru & Their Techniques D'Harcourt 1934   300 R Y
G-118 The Art of Lacemaking Collier 1986   96 R Y
G-153 The Art of Teaching Craft Spencer & Kneen 1993   74 R Y
G-222 The City of Lace Lowe & Richards 1982   90 R Y
G-224 The Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework de Dillmont 1972   700 T Y
G-239 The Cotton Industry Aspin 1981   32 R Y
G-166 The Craft of Temari Wood 1991   64 P Y
G-107 The Dictionary of Needlework (1971 Reprint) Caulfield&Saward 1882   528 R Y
G-126 The Gallery of Antique Laces Lauriks 1991   137 R Y
G-220 The Gentle Arts [Needle, Bobbin, Tatted, Knitted, Crochet & Filet Crochet Laces] The Lace Guild 1986   156 P Y
G-129 The History of Lace Simeon 1979   144 T,P Y
G-121 The Identification of Lace Earnshaw 1980   160 R Y
G-169 The Lace and Embroidery Collector Head 1922 1922 252 T,P Y
G-167 The Lace Dictionary—Pocket Edition Clifford 1913 1918 156 P Y
G-223 The Lace Heritage; A Guide to Nottingham Lace Lowe & Richards 1984   86 R Y
G-198 The Lacemakers’ Circle Pattern Book in Aid of the Lace Dealer’s Pattern Book The Lacemakers’ Circle, publ. 1995   35 P Y
G-113 The Love of Lace Hart/ Calvert 1992   104 R Y
G-229 The Official Price Guide: Linens, Lace, and other fabrics Horner 1991   228 R Y
G-249 The Quaker Lace Company presents The Touch of Lace, a Contemporary Tradition Quaker Lace Co; pub     14 R E
G-230 The Romance of Lace Jones     171 R Y
G-243 The Romance of Real Lace (catalogue) Indianapolis Museum of Art 1993   15 R Y
G-183 The Secrets of Real Lace Kurella 1994   70 R Y
G-238 The Silk Industry Bush 1987   32 R Y
G-163 Threads for Lace Paternoster 2001   72 P Y
G-136 Threads of Lace Earnshaw 1989   109 T, P Y
G-164 Tien Jaar Vriendschap in Kant O.I.D.F.A. 1992   54 P Y
G-128 Twentieth Century Lace Pfannschmidt 1975   216 T Y
G-236 Vegetable Dyes from North American Plants Leechman 1943   58 T Y
G-225 Victorian Costume Buck 1984   224 R Y
G-233 Victorian Lace (Revised 2nd Edition) Wardle 1982   288 R Y
G-201 Virka 19 and Knyppla Skjol de Brand; ed.     62 PR Y
G-247 William J. Davis - July21, 1934 Sunrise - August 12, 2008 Sunset Sabin-Hanna, Ed.     9 R Y
G-257 Women's Work - The First 20,000 Years Barber 1994   334 R Y
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