Number Title Author Date Eng
P-0001 IOLI Bulletins   9/71-2001 (Most) Y
P-0002 National Old Lacers Bulletins   9/67-7/71 (Most) Y
P-0100 Lace Magazine (1-8) Belgian Lace School 87-88 (Some) Y
P-0101 International Lace Magazine (9-24,30-56) (Most) Belgian Lace School 1989-2000 (Most) Y
P-0200 Informations Blatt Deutscher Kloppelverband (87-91) N
P-0201 Die Spitze Deutscher Kloppelverband 92-2011 (Most) Y
P-0300 Lace English Lace Guild 76-80 & 82-92; 2002-04 (Most) Y
P-0400 Kant Kantcentrum 1978-92; 93,02,04 (Some) Y
P-0500 Anna   82-89 (Few);91-2005 (Most) Y
P-0600 Piecework   93-2005 (Most) Y
P-0700 The Modern Priscilla   Jul-05 Y
P-0800 The Lace Journal Pittsburgh Lace Grp 1983-4 (Some) Y
P-0900 La Encajera 1-4, 8-11, 13, 18 & 23 1997-2002 (Some)  
P-1000 Lace Crafts Quarterly   1988-89 Y
P-1001 Lace and Crafts   1990-91 Y
P-1010 The Lace Collector Kurella 1991-93, 94 (1) Y
P-1020 The Flying Needle National Standards Council of American Embroiderers Nov. 1980 Y
P-1030 Lace Express   1997 (1); 2003 (1,2) Y
P-1041 Civilization   April, May 1997 Y
P-1051 Antiques   Dec.1997 Y
P-1060 McCall Needlework   Winter 42,3;Summer 49 Y
P-1070 Lacemaking Today   1984-89 Y
P-1081 Connoisseur   May-83 Y
P-1091 American Craft   Aug., Sept. 1981 Y
P-1100 Workbasket   57, 6770, 72-77, 86, 87, 89 Y
P-1200 La Dentelle (1-28)   1980-1986 N
P-1201 La Dentelle (1,2,4,5)   1984-5 (Some) Y
P-1301 Textiles in Early New England: Design, Production, and Consumption Ddubbia Seminar for New England Folklife Proceedings 1997 Y
P-1311 France Magazine   1991(Spring) Y
P-1321 La Dentelle du Puy-Les Annees 1900 (Not by Mail) 1989 Y
P-1331 Needlecraft Pillow Laces: Genoese Point, Torchon, Maltese, Rapallese, & Honiton, Manchester School of c. 1904 Y
P-1341 Weldon’s Practical Teneriffe Lace (212) Weldon   Y
P-1342 Weldon’s Practical Honiton Lace (153) Weldon   Y
P-1343 Weldon’s Practical Torchon Lace (124) Weldon   Y

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